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Cornerstone Psychological Services ("CPS") is a private practice in  Elkins Park in Montgomery County,  PA. Dr. Sunghye Sin is the founder of CPS. She is a licensed psychologist, a certified school psychologist in PA, and also ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP). Dr. Sin offers testing and psychotherapy and works with children, adolescents, and adults in individual, group, and family settings.   For minors, she works closely with parents, teachers, or other professionals for treatment generalizations. She uses evidence-based treatment modalities in a safe, relaxing environment as a therapeutic space.   





Dr. Sin's focus is to help you live up to your potential. She will work with you to customizes treatment goals to address your concerns collaboratively. As working together, you will improve self-awareness, enhance problem-solving skills, and equip emotional/behavioral coping skills for prosocial life. She will also help you recognize and enhance existing strengths, and also develop new ones to manage your life challenges.   She specialize in CBT, TF-CBT, Mindfulness CBT,  ACT,  behavioral therapy, or autism treatment, including the Early Start Denver Model or Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques.                 





Dr. Sin's specialties include  Autism (ASD), Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Mood Disorders, Anxiety-related Disorders, OCD, Learning Disorders, Trauma, Grief,  ODD, or other Disruptive behavioral problems.     Her services include diagnostic evaluation, behavioral health assessment, and psycho-educational evaluation, individual/family psychotherapy, or parent training, executive coaching, social skills training, and anger management training.   Dr. Sin does not offer couple therapy, custody evaluation, or neuropsychological evaluation such as Alzheimer's.        

Areas of specialization


Autism and ADHD Evaluation

Dr. Sin does a comprehensive autism evaluation using ADI Interview and ADOS-II (Autism Diagnositice Observation Scale - II,  Standardized autism assessment). The evaluation also includes behavioral observation and clinical inputs (if needed).  She can help you toilet training and sensory processing challenges. Dr. Sin also specialize in an ADHD evaluation and executive coaching.  

The evaluation includes an in-person interview, requesting and review of records as needed, psychological and/or diagnostic testing, a feedback session to review the results, and a written report. 


Self-regulation challenges or trauma and grief

Challenges with emotional or behavioral management can impair one's social and academic/occupational functioning by disrupting relationships and taking away opportunities.  Further, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. Psychotherapy can help you recover from these symptoms and guide you through the process of healing and empowerment.   


Depression and anxiety

Depression and excessive anxiety diminish life quality.  They affect your concentration, productivity,  work, or relationships.  With psychotherapy, you can rebuild your life.  Studies show that psychotherapy can lead to structural and functional changes in the brain.  

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