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Red flags for autism

Here are some of the red flags I have encountered during the autism evaluation:    

For younger children:  - If your child who is over 15 months old, he or she does not respond to his or her name when you called several times nor return to your smile or funny gestures/facial expressions,  - Your child shows speech delay, or he/she is nonverbal or lost speech when he/she turned to 18 months or 2 years old.  - Your child does not make eye contact and appears disengaged from what is going on around him/her and prefers to engage in self-directed play. Not making eye contact alone cannot be a red flag for autism given that  children with trauma history or social anxiety have difficulty making eye contact.  - Your child engages in echolalia, scripting, or stereotyped, repetitive body movements such as flapping hands or throws tantrums when his routines are changed and insist on returning to the previous routine.   

For older children:  - Your child has no friends, has difficulty making connections with peers, is literal, and does not pick up social cues. - Your child's speech sounds formal, and he/she has so much knowledge about specific topics of his/her interest but has difficulty engaging in every day back and forth conversation.  -

For more detailed info: https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Autism-Spectrum-Disorder-Fact-Sheet#3082_2 

Fees and Insurance Coverage

In-Network Insurance: Highmark Blueshield and Magellan Behavioral Health (including IBC,  Keystone Health Plan East, Amerihealth, etc.). If there is a copay, it needs to be paid prior to starting the session. Your fees would change depending on the coinsurance or deductible requirement.  Besides being in-network with Highmark BCBS and Magellan Behavioral Health, Cornerstone is an out of network provider with all the other insurances. When the evaluation process is completed, I can provide a special billing receipt (superbill) that includes information required for a family to submit a claim for reimbursement to their insurance company. Partial reimbursement of the evaluation or therapy costs may be possible. Prospective clients should check with their insurance provider about out-of-network benefits, current deductible status, and possible referral requirements for an evaluation. Superbills also support submission to HSA accounts for reimbursement.  Cornerstone does not submit billing paperwork directly to insurance or benefits companies on behalf of clients.     

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